Women’s Stryke Pants

We spoke with Jolie Gentry (the officer featured in the Womens Stryke Pant video) who is a Newark California Police Officer and 2007 Crossfit Games Champion.  In this brief interview we learn about balancing family and police work as well as what her favorite feature is on the Stryke pant.

1) What are some key tactics you use in balancing work / family / training? Any tips you’d like to share that have worked for you over the years?

I truly have been blessed over the years to be able to blend those three things that mean so much to me.  Thankfully my department has a Flex program that allows time on duty to train.  I am lucky that my best friends own the gym that i train at (Catalyst Athletics in Sunnyvale, CA) where my daughter has her own room with her toys and movies.  The only tips I have are to make sure you make time for all three and if you can kill two birds with one stone, even better!!

2) What are your favorite features in the new Womens Stryke pant?

My favorite feature on the new Women’s Stryke pant is that they have a lower waistline and they truly feel like they were made for a woman.

3) 3 pieces of advice you would give to women entering law enforcement?

1) Do not expect special treatment 2) Be Confident! 3) Be able to do more pull-ups than the boys!

4) Most challenging Crossfit Exercise?

Well i think the most complicated movement is probably the snatch.  Most people have difficulty initially with the muscle up.  But everyone has their weaknesses and mine is push ups!!! Hate them!

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