“Why I Chose to Serve” From LE, Fire, EMS Professionals

Why I Chose to Serve

Not every one answers the call to serve their community. The men and women who are drawn to a life of service answer the call for several reasons. For some it’s the urge to help those who are less fortunate or provide help in times of need. Others have a direct experience that has drawn them to wanting to protect their community. Whatever the motivation we here at 5.11 salute those who run first into danger, are first on the scene to provide aid and the first to put it all on the line. Thank you for your service and we truly appreciate the sacrifice you have put forward in order to answer the call.  Below are some thoughts from our ambassadors and friends, including members of Team SIG, about why they chose to serve in public safety.


My personal motivation to become a police officer came from my strong desire to want to help others, particularly those that sometimes cannot help themselves.

-Sergeant Aaron Perkins


I started law enforcement at 18, because I always wanted to serve the community.
– Retired Lt of Police Dennis Carroll


I’ve always had a feeling that one, or rather, that I had to earn my place on this Earth. Being of service to others fulfills that compulsion to an extent. Being of value to individuals, strangers most often, responding in a time of need, a waypoint in their lives not only allows you to influence what is perhaps a defining moment for them, but allows them to, for that moment, define you.
SAR Operational Leader and K9 Handler Daniel Lampignano


The most satisfying part about this job is being able to help someone.
Lieutenant, Albert Salinas


It’s a family business… both my parents were law enforcement.
– Police Officer, Bill Garland, Jr


My biggest motivation was my unborn daughter.  I always knew I wanted to have children and I wanted to work in a profession that would make them proud of their mom.
Sergeant Macias

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