VIDEOS: Weapon Retention with Gracie Brothers

Statistically, a Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) is several times more likely to engage in a ground fight than to use their firearm over the course of their career. Unfortunately, most Law Enforcement departments do not provide the necessary training to keep LEOs safe in a ground survival situation. When a suspect goes for a LEO’s gun, there are possibly two ways the situation could end: with the suspect shot, or worse, the LEO loses his or her life.

Watch as the Gracie Brothers, Ryron and Rener, demonstrate some critical options from the Gracie Survival Tactics (GST) Military/Law Enforcement Instructor Certification Course system that enables LEOs to retain their weapons AND put the suspect in handcuffs, with minimal escalation of force. LEOs are spared the stress of a controversial shooting, and most importantly, go home at the end of their shift.

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Special thanks goes out to Spiro Demetriadi of Triadi, Inc., for all of his work in organizing this video presentation.

Here’s part two where the Gracie brothers cover weapon retention from guard.


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