US Teams Test Their Mettle at IPSC

USA ladies’ team brings home the Gold from IPSC Shotgun World Championship in Agna, Italy

After being selected to represent the USPSA, a group of competitive US shotgun shooters recently headed over to Italy to compete in the IPSC 2015 Shotgun World Championship against shooters from 20 other countries. This was not just a chance for the team to compete against some of the best shooters in the world, but also an opportunity to visit a corner of the globe many on the team had not visited before.

Opening ceremony
Competitors from each country paraded in to kick things off Sunday, September 13, 2015. Katie Francis carried the American flag and led the US Team into the ceremony. The streets were lined with competitors and spectators from around the world. Team Benelli Shooter Dianna Muller was excited for her first world shoot experience and made friends with competitors from Germany while she was filming their walk in the parade. A good time was had by all as competitors had the chance to forge new connections and check in with old friends.

The Competition
Throughout the competition, shooters experienced a range of Shotgun courses, short and long, along with one very unique one. “(I’ve) ridden plenty of horses…..never shot a shotgun from one. It was fun!,” said Dianna Muller. Aside from the competition, competitors also explored the city and took in some more first time experiences.

Some got the chance to experience Grappa for the first time, or ‘firewater’ as they call it locally, made from the pomace (discarded grape seeds, stalks and stems) left over from winemaking after pressing the grapes. Competitors also explored the famous Venice Canals and sightseeing around the area.

The week ended with an awards ceremony Saturday where the USA ladies received their gold medals along with Lena Miculek and Dianna Muller individually receiving Gold and Silver. The USA Junior team also finished in the top ranks. second through fifth. We are honored that Team USA wore our gear as they represented the USA in Italy.