Top 5, we mean 11, things we saw at Shot Show 2015

Occasionally the powers-that-be open the blast door to our bunker and let us out to cover events and photo shoots. On this occasion our boss asked us to cover Shot Show. We kept our appointments to a minimum and traversed the maze of tactical gear and high fives. Lists can be considered old in webland but since Tactical 360 is new, lists are new for us so head to the forums and complain over there. Here’s our top 5 favorite things we saw at Shot Show.

1) Daniel Defense / Vickers Torture Test – They had the rifles that went through the Tac TV torture test 2  on display and the video playing above the rifles as they spun in plexiglass boxes. We know the keyboard commandos try and poke holes in these tests but we were talking to one person (who we respect) that said a few of his friends bought a DD rifle after seeing the first video from Tac TV in March . If you are a marketing nerd, take notes cause this display stood out from all the other AR companies out there and even had a few of us building a DD as our next rifle.

2) ZEV Technologies – This is a little biased cause we recently got to shoot a ZEV modified Glock that they made for 5.11 and lets just say it lived up to all the hype of those beautiful pictures you see on Instagram. Low recoil and tighter groups when compared to a stock Glock had us all giddy and high fiving each other. Besides that, their booth was a Glock fanatics paradise. Everything from race guns to every day carry options they had on display. They also released a .22 conversion kit and were showing off their new barrels. True works of art. Now if only we can get a bump in pay so we can pick up one of these for personal use.

3) JP Rifles – If you follow or participate in 3 Gun or sport shooting you obviously heard of JP rifles. If you never heard of JP, start here . John Paul is a master and until you fire one of his guns you’ll never know how good they actually are. We spent way to much time looking at the new anodized bolt carrier and muzzle brakes he had on display but the one thing that made JP hit our top 5 was his new ultra light rifle that has a claimed weight of 6lbs or under (with out scope). Obviously we didn’t get any range time with it but we did what every other “tire-kicker” did at shot. Great looking rifles with a history of proven results.

4) Glock 40 / 10mm with MOS – Glock always brings the party to Shot Show (not really a “party” but…never mind) and this years favor was the Glock 40 in 10mm with factory optics (aka MOS – Modular Optics System). This new system allows you to run your favorite red dot sight. Besides the neat mounting system the fact that it’s available in 10mm is impressive. We also covered this in our video coverage from Shot Show.

5) Team Wendy / EXFIL SAR – It was great to see Team Wendy expand their offering into SAR or those who require mountaineering helmets. The helmet meets all the requirements and then some. We didn’t take a picture of it cause we get distracted easily by anything in multicam so you’ll have to make-do with the image we shot of a completely different Exfil (visit our FaceBook Photo Gallery or Instagram). Here’s a link to their website in case you are crying about it

Shot Show

Ok, now we know some of you might be asking what about 5.11 stuff, aren’t you 5.11? So, to keep you and the sales guy who is seconds away from calling our boss to complain we bring you our 6 favorite 5.11 items from Shot Show. We aren’t going to cover what the PR team wants us to cover so hopefully they won’t complain either. Ok, here we go. 6 of our favorite 5.11 products from Shot Show.

1) Side Plate Carriers for the Tac Tec Plate Carrier – The Tac Tec plate carrier is truly impressive and if we were allowed to tell you who was involved with this carrier you’d head out and buy 2 of them. The one thing we heard after they came out was the ability to carry side plates. So, the designers got out their pencils and rulers and created these Molle panels (laser cut and traditional) that can carry side plates and hook very nicely via our Slick Stick system to the reenforced elastic cummerbund. Check them out here.

2) Zero G Plates – If you have to wear a duty belt every day you know how heavy and uncomfortable it can get. We worked with an engineer who developed a system that alleviates pain associated with the weight from a duty belt and transfers the load bearing weight right to the hips and has more flex for increased stability and movement. Less back pain is the name of the game here and not to mention added performance. One of the 5.11 guys here runs it during pistol competitions and swears by it. A few of the lucky officers who received prototypes had nothing but great things to say. Truly an innovative product. Only L/XL available right now, click here.

3) Stryke Shorts – Don’t tell Tom (our CEO) but a few of us in the bunker have been cutting our pants into shorts for some time. It gets hot in here and we are all about DIY and customizing gear. Some one in the design team probably noticed us strutting around in cut off pants (most likely not though) so they took the Stryke Pant and made it into a short. I guess this means we have to get these now instead of slashing our pants. They are available now over here.

4) Flexio Penlight – We make some darn good lights. One of our team saw this and was asking the designer for one to “test”. Not sure how a keyboard commando tests lights but maybe he’ll use it when he’s responding to comments on our Facebook page at midnight in the dark corner of the bunker. Anyway, the light features a flexible arm to position the light where you need it and has a cool magnetic mount that allows you to stick it to metal surfaces. Check it out over in this place.

5) COVRT Small Insert – Not every day are we carrying a fully tactical bag (well…some of us) but we are all about being prepared so when we saw this at Shot Show one of our team started taking inventory of how he would configure the insert. This is a great idea for those who use bags that have no tactical functions (or if you need additional organization inside the bag). Can be configured as your go-bag insert, CCW insert or even organization for day-to-day activities. There’s also a large insert but the small peaked our interest. Available now.

6) Vandal Short in TOPO Print – 5.11 has a gym on site (a box) and occasionally they have trainers and guest fitness instructors that show up to beat us down. For us in the Social Media Bunker, looking cool is very important. Sure we care about the functionality but the reality is we perform way better when we know we look cool. We might not look as good as the instructors but when we are sporting the Vandal in this new color way we think we look good, and that’s half the battle, sort of, ok, not really. The shorts should be available soon over here.

There you have it, our top 5, we mean 11 from Shot Show. For all our coverage from the event click the tags at the bottom or visit our Facebook page and Instagram account. Stay safe out there.

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