Tips for Teaching Women to Shoot from Diana Hufstedler

Your wife, mom, sister, girlfriend or friend is interested in learning how to shoot. You know how to shoot, so you could teach her. Right? We recommend that you read this article first.

5.11 Tactical Ambassador Diana Hufstedler offers advice in our recent RECOIL magazine Loadout insert before getting yourself into a compromising situation with your leading lady.

It’s easy to make many of the following gaffes without thinking about it, so Diana’s observations serve as a reminder to check yourself before anything gets awkward. And keep in mind that this is not about you and your experience — it’s about her building up positive experiences.

Diana’s advice:

First things first — teach her the four basic rules of firearm safety. “Honestly, if you don’t know these rules, you have no business teaching someone else how to shoot. Being safe is fundamental to any sport, but particularly when you’re dealing with objects that put holes in stuff,” Diana advises. She adds “don’t skip this step even if — no, especially if — she claims she’s been around guns her whole life. And don’t ambush her to recite them at your will — she’ll memorize them by herself, I promise.”

Start with basics

Follow that with more basics like grip, stance, and trigger control. And remember a little positive encouragement will go a long way. Diana suggests “Instead of sticking your foot in your mouth, try praising her for the things she did right.”

Make it fun for her

And finally, respect and appreciate that she wants to learn. Encourage her with empowering compliments. Diana’s advice is “don’t call her cute, try badass — she is holding a gun, after all.”

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