Tim Kennedy – Always Be Ready

 Tim Kennedy is featured in our latest Always Be Ready series (video below). We asked Tim 3 questions related to training and hitting the outdoors. 

In your opinion, what is the biggest mistake people make when training?

They forget with the purpose of their training is. There should always be a point to everything that they do.

What is the most crucial aspect of your training regimen?

Balance. There were periods that I overtrained. There were times that I was too focused on one aspect. I never understood how to optimize and have everything complement other portions of training. How working on fighting can help with shooting, how shooting can help with my focus and discipline.

You get five items to bring on a 12-hour hike. What are they?

1. Gun w/ extra magazines. 2. IFAK w/tourniquet and splint. 3. Water and water purifier. 4. Space blanket/thermal blanket. 5. Food. I always have food. 6. Kick ass backpack.



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