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In January the inaugural Remington Versamax Championships, a three event series to name a national shotgun champion, started off the season.  Rob and Jansen were both shooting brand new shotguns on behalf of Remington with little time spent on each platform, yet despite this Jansen pulled out a close second place overall finish (less than 4 seconds from 1st place) in standard manual division and Rob took third place overall in tactical division.

Next Rob and Kalani traveled to Utah in February for the 3 Gun Nation Western Regional.  After long involved stages requiring 125 yard slug shots, unsupported long range rifle shooting and room clearing shotgun stages, Rob Romero came out on top, winning the the match in Practical Division. Kalani Laker finished strong and wound up in the top ten overall in a deep field of shooters in Practical.

On March 7 and 8th the shooter split up with Jansen traveling to Florida for the Area 6 Multi Gun Championship while Rob, Kalani and Mouret traveled to Texas for the 3 Gun Nation Southwest Regional Championship.  When scores were tallied and results were finalized the shooters had an outstanding weekend taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishes across the board.  Rob Romero finished 1st place overall in the Practical Division for back to back Regional Championship wins and John Mouret took 2nd overall with Kalani Laker coming in a close 3rd place overall.  Jansen Jones took 2nd place in limited division, missing 1st place by less than 3%.  A great weekend and a great start to the season. Read the article here: 3 Gun Nation

RR_3G 1204Laker

Rob Romero and Kalani Laker images from 3Gun Nation

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