RECOIL Issue #20 on newsstands now!

The latest issue of RECOIL magazine is out, and it features a 5.11 Tactical LOADOUT section that’s full of exclusive content. What kind of content? Here’s a sampling of articles with a few of our Ambassadors in the latest Loadout.

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Gator's Line of GearDanny “Gator” Pritbor, a 5.11 Tactical Ambassador and Director at Firebase Combat Studies Group, takes you through “Lines of Gear” and the common principles that define preparation for a potentially deadly encounter.

Do and Don't GuideDiana Hufstedler, another 5.11 Tactical Ambassador and Sass Brass & Bullets author, provides tips on introducing a woman you know to shooting. These “Dos and Don’ts could help you to bring your female friends and family into the fold without putting your relationship at risk by making some common mistakes.

TacFitScott Sonnon, 5.11 Tactical Fitness Ambassador and founder of TacFit, will show you how to take your training farther than you thought it could go — off the range.

Pick up the latest issue of RECOIL for these articles and much, much more.

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