Quiet Warrior: Companions for Heroes

The Quiet Warrior program, a collaboration between PoliceOne and 5.11 Tactical, aims to spotlight the hidden side of law enforcement – the humble excellence that often goes unheralded. Law enforcement is filled with great stories of professionalism, compassion, heroism and humility.

Post traumatic stress affects more than 327,000 veterans. After returning from the battlefield they come home to face a new internal enemy but there are rays of hope and paths to healing. David Sharpe is familiar with this struggle. Sharpe had spent time with the U.S. Air Force Security Forces and had found himself in life-threatening situations. These traumatic situations didn’t affect him at the time but after coming home he found himself full of rage and depression. His battle with PTS (Post Traumatic Stress) found him facing suicidal thoughts and violent outbursts. It wasn’t until he adopted a pitbull from a dog rescue organization that he began to notice a difference in his attitude and thinking. The simple act of petting his rescued dog began to put things in perspective. His family quickly noticed the difference as well. With the help of doctors, family, friends and his pup, Sharpe realized he could share his experience in hopes of helping other veterans or serving military fight the symptoms of PTS and save rescue dogs who were in need of homes.

David Sharpe started Companions For Heroes (C4H) with the hopes of aiding veterans and saving dogs from shelters. Since it’s inception, C4H has helped over 1500 service members while finding homes for shelter and rescue pets. To learn more about C4H and how it helps our nations heroes visit companionsforheroes.org

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