Making the 5.11 Apex Pant: A Closer Look

The ApexTM pant has many covert features, and most of these features are ones you don’t see. Our design and product teams have collaborated with people who are in real-world situations to deliver our new Apex pant.

Apex is a fully featured tactical pant that’s covert enough to blend in with the crowd. Clean lines, everyday looking fabric and cut and hidden pockets allow you to walk confidently, knowing you’re not obvious when working under cover.

Flex-TacTM fabric

Our proprietary Flex-Tac fabric was first used in the widely popular Stryke Pant. Flex-Tac gives the pant more stretch without the use of lycra adding to its durability. The weave of the fabric is done in a ripstop to add to its strength. We then use a Teflon® coating that protects from spills and soil buildup. After success with the Flex-Tac fabric on the Stryke pant, we carried it over into other products including jackets and shirts.

Evolution: Introducing the Flex-Tac canvas weave

With blending in becoming more prominent in today’s world of law enforcement and military needs, 5.11 set out to take our most successful fabric and figure out how to take all its functionality and put it into a package that blends in with the rest of the crowd. Our mission was clear and we created a canvas version of our Flex-Tac fabric that has all the stretch, durability and Teflon coating but not the tell-signs of being a tactical product. From this, we began creating products that are more versatile in terms of function and appearance. The first of these products is the Apex, and this pant revolutionizes how you can carry all your essential gear and blend in with the crowd.

Everyday Carry

Being ready is at the forefront of everything we do. We create products that allow you to be ready for the everyday situations you might find yourself in. Rooted in being prepared, all the pockets on our pants are well thought out and were designed alongside professionals in law enforcement and the military. For more thoughts on everyday carry check out Gator’s article about “Lines of Gear”

Tactical to Practical

Our world is changing and people are beginning to get into the mindset that taking a tactical approach to everyday life or traveling has become a practical way to remain safe and enjoy life. Even though our products are born from a mission point of view they are actually quite adaptable to every day life including work, outdoor adventures and keeping things organized.

Do you take a ready-for-anything approach to daily life? Share your everyday carry items with us on social media using #readylikeyou or #511tactical.


Categorized in Gear, News Posted October 10, 2015