Lines of Gear with “Gator”

“Always Be Ready” It’s our motto and these are words to live by. When thinking about a preparedness or a “SHTF” strategy, a natural starting point is gear.

5.11 Tactical Ambassador Danny P. “Gator” offers some sage advice for being prepared for anything in an in-depth article in our RECOIL Loadout insert. Below is an excerpt.

Violent crime, terrorism, and environmental catastrophes leave us living under constant threat. Our goal should be to prove effective in any circumstance and in all conditions. We do this by laying out lines of gear.

The overall concept is a three-layer system whereby essential fighting gear is on your person, carried daily. You have trained with it, and it is the minimum needed to engage in a fight. The extended parts of these lines (line two and three) are considered your “get-home bags.” Filled with support items, these will assist you during a time of crisis.

First Line - carry on your body

First-Line Gear

Carried on your body and is the minimum to fight with:


Ammunition (amount is mission dependent)

Medical gear: tourniquet, hemostatic and/or compression bandage

Small knife or multitool


Mobile phone

Depending on mission and threat level, add:


Emergency cash

Passport and credentials

Personal recovery kit/escape-and-evasion kit

When it comes to the first-line gear, one critical error is not carrying spare ammunition for your weapon. Also, carry some sort of low-profile medical kit with at least a tourniquet and an Israeli bandage or one with a hemostatic agent. These items are meant to be used on you; friends with guns should carry their own. Have a way to plug any holes you weren’t born with. Obviously, you should have medical kit to cover your family and other folks you may want to assist. That is why we have a second and third line of gear. Larger more extensive medical kits can be kept there.

When traveling to high-threat areas or restrictive gun zones where weapons may not be allowed, build your first-line gear around things you are allowed to carry. Craft ways to conceal a personal recovery kit and edged weapons in your clothing. (See the new 5.11 Tactical Apex Pants or Ridgeline Pants). If you can’t carry a firearm, have a plan and remember you’re not out of the fight.

What’s your loadout? What are your lines of gear? Tell us how you’re using your 5.11 Tactical gear to Always Be ReadyTM.

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