Holiday Traditions

5.11 Ambassador Scott Sonnon

On this Christmas Day, the 5.11 team is wishing you a safe and joyous day with loved ones. We are particularly grateful to those of you who are on duty, deployed and working.

A few of our 5.11 Ambassadors shared some of their favorite holiday traditions with us. What traditions do you enjoy with your family? Share with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by tagging us or using the #511tactical hashtag.

From Lanny & Tracy Barnes
We are in the process of starting and making some new Holiday Traditions after spending over 17 years in Europe and away from home on Christmas and Thanksgiving. Most of the traditions while oversees were things like exchanging gifts with the Japanese Team who was stuck away from home just like we were (If you ever have the opportunity to try green chocolate… don’t. ;) I’d rather eat grass). We’d usually be stuck in a hotel in Italy or Sweden, or Germany and we’d always go for a hike or ski. When we were kids though, we loved to make cookies and spend hours decorating them. As usual it turned into a contest in which judges were involved to see who decorated the coolest cookie (I swear my sister paid off the judges). We also would always go for a snowshoe in the mountains as a family and have a shoot the can shooting contest. I think we will probably do the cookie making, shooting contest and snow shoe this year!

Happy Holidays!!


From Dianna Muller

I treasure the holidays because it’s guaranteed time that I will get to spend with my family!!  I have spent every Thanksgiving and Christmas with my family since I left home!  We enjoy each others’ company and our Christmas traditions include church on Christmas eve and eating my sister’s sugar cookies, aka “crack-cocaine.”  Addicted from the first one!  Another thing we are ‘addicted’ to is playing card games!  Our whole family loves a mean game of pitch!
Dianna Muller's Family Pitch Game



From Katie Francis
My favorite Christmas tradition is decorating tress with my family. We also make a bunch of sugar cookies and it’s really fun. Santa usually doesnt get any because they don’t last!! If the weather is warm we will shoot clay birds and old Christmas decorations!
Katie Trimming the Tree



From Scott Sonnon
Since we were kids, singing Christmas songs as a community, in and out of Church, has been our family tradition.

My great, great grandfather brought Stille Nacht (“Silent Night”) when he emigrated from Germany to USA in 1831. My grandparents taught it to me in both German and English. The continuity of singing Silent Night has threaded through my family’s generations, and so too, the wishes it brings.

The new tradition, since my daughter has been involved in dance, adds dancing to singing with her at her Christmas recital. She does the dancing really. I just catch her when she comes down.
Scott Sonnon, Catcher of Flying Dancers