Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark

A good every-day-carry strategy should include a flashlight. Not only is it great in providing visibility when confronted with the dark but it can also serve as a defense weapon. A flashlight with over 100 lumens can provide enough light to temporarily blind an attacker and give you just enough time to run or deliver the first blow to create distance. Today we are going to look at a few of our flashlights:


This 3.9 inch flashlight is great to carry in your pocket and delivers 212 Lumens utilizing CREE high-output LEDs. The bezel hood provides a great striking surface. The 3 modes (Momentary, steady and strobe) along with a high and low run for a continuous 2 hours and 30 minutes at high and 55 hours at low. The compact size makes it great to toss in a bag pocket or utilize the clip to carry it in your pocket.

TPT R7 14

One of our larger flashlights with 613 Lumens of brightness. In it’s high setting the flashlight will run for 5 hours and 30 minutes while in it’s low setting (50 lumens) it can run for 102 hours. This flashlight also uses a rechargeable battery pack and comes with the charging station that can be hung in an accessible area. The unique head shape prevents the flashlight from rolling if you need to have both hands free. The composite body is rugged enough to stand up to daily abuse. One tester even dropped his light a few hundred feet into a canyon while on a search and rescue mission. He was able to retrieve the light and it was still running with minimal to no damage.


This little pocket light is a great companion when you just need enough light for every day tasks and quick fixes where you need that extra light to see what you’re doing. At 2.8 long and 1.5 wide there’s no reason to not carry it on a key chain or use the pocket clip to keep it close at hand.

To see the other 29 lights we offer visit us here. No more excuses to be afraid of the dark.

Categorized in Gear Posted December 12, 2016