Dianna Muller: Why Women Should Learn How to Shoot

Dianna Muller, captain of Team Benelli, shared with us why she thinks learning to shoot is good for women.

When I was recently asked why women should learn to shoot, a list of reasons flooded my mind. The women’s demographic in shooting and the firearms industry has skyrocketed in the past several years. As a female, a police officer for 22 years and a professional 3-gun competitor and trainer, I have a unique perspective as to some of the reasons why women are trending.


A good place to start is talking about self-defense and protection. I want my firearm with me at all times and I want to be intimate with the way it works! If this type of use interests you, my suggestion is to do some research on training. You want at least a one-day, preferably two-day, handgun class. The amount of repetitions and manipulations you get in those two days will make your learning curve exponentially higher than if you do an hour here and there. There are companies like Babes with Bullets that are for women only, taught by top women competitors. There are also grassroots meeting groups like A Girl and A Gun and The Well Armed Woman that are specifically for women. It’s imperative that you find CONFIDENCE. It’s also important that you find the right gun. Do some more research on carry guns (small and light with a LOT of recoil = Unpleasant shooting experience) versus full size guns (heavier helps with recoil impulse = more pleasurable shooting experience).


I think another main reason women are learning how to shoot is family fun. I have grown up watching couples go their separate ways when it comes to their hobbies. And when they have kids, they spend countless hours at sports practices and games where the parents cannot participate. Shooting sports give the whole family a chance to enjoy something together. As a pro shooter married to a pro shooter, we have the opportunity to live a lifestyle that we both love, and get to enjoy it together. It’s something I dearly appreciate.

There are many examples of families in the shooting sports. Fellow pro shooter Becky Yackley and her brood include husband, Mark, and three boys ranging from 10 to 16. It’s about as Americana as you can get! Shooting provides a great opportunity for women to create memories with their boyfriends, husbands or dads. There are a variety of shooting sports ranging from trap and skeet, to pistol only competitions (Steel Challenge, IDPA, USPSA), to 3 gun (rifle, pistol, and shotgun) to long range rifle. If you love cowboys, horses AND shooting, look into CMSA and SASS.


Having the opportunity to see kids raised in the shooting sports, one thing has really resonated with me—we make good kids! These kids are given responsibility over a firearm that could kill them or someone else, and they take it seriously. These people who I call my “3 gun family” supervise and teach their kids how to become well-rounded, well-adjusted and responsible Americans. It’s all about education. You teach your kids how to swim so they can have fun or save their lives. You teach your children that the stove is hot so they don’t get burned. You have about 18 years to teach them things that will protect them and potentially save their lives. Firearms shouldn’t be any different.