Designer behind the All Hazards Backpack

The All Hazards Backpack started as an idea that Officer CH had based on real world experience from active shooter events, disaster response and time spent in the military and vetted with fellow officers and response teams. We speak with the officer behind the bag to see what he carries in his pack.

5.11: What’s the thought behind these bags?

CH: Everything is about adaptability and being able to fight from your back or treat casualties on the field instead of going back to the car. You can set it up to your individual preference or for the mission at hand.

5.11: What’s normally in your All Hazards Prime?

CH: First thing to include is an individual first aid kit plus an extra tourniquet on the shoulder strap that’s accessible so I can provide self aid. Next is a good utility knife and hydration pouch. (I don’t keep mine full. I would fill it up inside the structure or on the fly.)

Then in the main pouch are your Ammo Mules. You could also use these mules to carry extra medical supplies or extra ammo for yourself and others in case of a sustained and prolonged gun battle like the terrorist attack in Mumbai. These Mules have straps so they can be carried like “murses” or left behind to treat injuries while you continue with your mission.

The outer pocket holds a ballistic helmet for mobile field force deployment or disaster response. The pouch keeps the helmet out of the way until needed. On the side I keep a baton that is easily removed and can be left behind in the car if not needed.

I’ve got some emergency food and a couple of sets of gloves. I carry extra first aid kits that are easy to remove. If I’m in a room treating victims and I have to go because there’s aggressive shooting going on, I can leave the extra first aid kits behind. I carry two sets of leg shackles in here too. We can’t wait for backup but need to secure incapacitated subjects, the leg shackles afford more flexibility for that than handcuffs. In addition to that is also an extra pair of glasses (smoke and clear), batteries, lights, multi-tool, gas mask, bolt cutters and protein bars.

What’s in the bag:
Tac NFO Gloves
Case with binoculars
Hydration Bladder
Bolt cutters
All Hazards Prime
TMT L2X and battery holder
Leg irons (shackles)
2 All Hazards Mules (Extra AR Magazines and Shot gun ammo)
Tac NFO2 Gloves
Gas mask, pouch and extra filter
RFA Assisted Knife

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