Defending against a Knife Attack. Pt.2

Defending yourself from a knife attack with the attacker using a strong lead with Greg Thompson of SOCP. Part 2 of a 2 part series. Train safe, train often and use common sense. For more on Greg and SOCP:

To the see first part: Defending against a weak lead.

After watching "Defending yourself from a knife attack - Part 2" I like to say that the instructor seems quit knowledgeable and the video was quit informative however, this "straight-armbar takedown" could be a lot more effective if the forearm closest to the aggressor was pressed against the back of the aggressors elbow. The elbow is the optimal leverage point! Pushing "down and away" on the elbow with your forearm. Holding the wrist of the same arm, locked to your hip furthest away from the aggressor, will take the aggressor down very effectively and flow into a shoulder pin with all of his weapons facing down ie: hands and feet (the hands are the delivery system of weapons) This will put you the safest position ready for the application of handcuffs (for the Police minded takedown) or the escalation of force in a more military sense.

Written by Michael Dubé

Posted March 5, 2015 at 2:00 PM