Concealed Carry Tips

As an armed professional and defensive minded citizen, I can attest to the fact no specific tool or piece of kit will fit all environments. One has to first assess the operational environment, adapt the equipment and select weapons to fit the mission profile. If your day-to-day carry requires concealment then this can pose a problem, because there are many options to evaluate. Carrying on the master side hip is my go to choice. But due to certain missions requiring a low profile and extended hours in a cramped vehicle, there are times when I carry my weapon in an appendix position. When planning, be sure to select equipment that will place you in a position of advantage. Understand your primary role and select kit that will allow for ease of draw and comfort during  the mission. Remember, once you get that dialed in, it is time to vet any operational equipment via training.


1) Our way of life requires clothing that is geared towards quick access to the tools of our trade. Select “cover shirts” with tear away snaps and features that allow for ease of draw from any carry position. Tenths of a second is all you may have to react to a threat.

2) Don’t get sucked into the range holster and gamer mindset. Practice clearing a cover shirt from the draw. Drill with a SIRT pistol or dry gun, then move to live fire from concealment. Train to draw and reload your weapon from unconventional positions such as seated and supine.

About the author: Danny P “Gator” has 22 years of experience with service as a U.S. Marine, Law Enforcement (SWAT) Officer, Protective Special Agent (USG) and Civilian Defense Contractor (DOD). He has extensive time conducting low profile security operations in high threat areas throughout the Middle East.

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