Behind the Scenes / Sass, Brass and Bullets

Diana Hufstedler (Taran Tactical Innovations / 3 Gunner) takes you behind the scenes from our latest photo shoot: Behind the Scenes of the Femme Fatale Photoshoot of the century.

“We were just a bunch of friends who got together to do what we do best – shoot a lot & do it really, really fast! Photographers, cameramen, art directors & stylists followed. There was laughter, jokes, goofing off & even some friendly competition. Next thing you know – magic happened!” – Diana Hufstedler

Iam a 100% combat disabled veteran. I really enjoyed looking at your picture. Thanks very much keep up the good work. The weapons I own are. And after trying a few civilian only types. 1911 @ .45cal Match Barrel. Sig AR15 223 5.56 this system complete. SR-25 .308 7.62 semi-automatic sniper system Match Barrel . Accra-sized As you see , I resided to stay with what I know. My combat time was nearly three an half years. Good luck in ypur competition. Allen Sandy, Utah

Written by 1SG Allen Bottorff Army Ranger (Ret)

Posted August 18, 2015 at 4:19 PM