Andy Stumpf: Man on a Mission

Stumpf, Mission

5.11 Ambassador Andy Stumpf is on a mission to raise $1 million to fund the Navy SEAL Foundation Survivor Support Program for 2016.

After retiring from active duty, Andy was not content to merely sit on the sidelines. He’s going to great lengths to support the Navy SEAL community, and most importantly, the families who as Andy says “live with their toes on the line every day.”

After successfully breaking the world record for absolute distance travelled in a wingsuit (18.257 miles), Andy is now preparing for his second feat to be attempted in Fall 2016.

Watch Andy’s record-breaking jump, underwritten by the good people over at Skullcandy.


While most people can only think of reasons NOT to do this:
– no oxygen
– spinning leading to unconsciousness at 36,500 feet
– one small error leading to potential death

Andy only thinks of one reason to do it: supporting the Navy SEAL Foundation because “it’s the absolute least that I can do.”

“Throughout my military career I met countless people from all over the United States who were deeply and graciously thankful for those serving on their behalf,” says Andy. “Almost all asked if there was anything they could do to help. If you are one of those people, this is an opportunity to get involved.”

How can you get involved?
1. Go to Andy’s GoFund Me site and show your support through a donation. All donations to directly to the Navy SEAL Foundation.
2. Share this article and video with everyone you know to help spread the word about Andy’s mission in support of the Navy SEAL Foundation.

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