Janna Reeves

Competitive Shooter

Janna began shooting 3 and a half years ago after purchasing a handgun for concealed carry. She obtained her concealed carry permit and participated in several defensive shooting training programs, which led to her becoming an NRA certified instructor. In the fall of 2013, she entered her first 3 gun match, and instantly knew she wanted to become a top level competitor. In January 2014, she was invited to join the Noveske Shooting Team, and spent 2014 training and attending matches all over the country with her team mates.

Her rookie year was a successful one with multiple high lady titles as well as qualifying for a spot on the televised 3 Gun Nation Pro tour and making it to the championship shoot off. In addition to being a competitor, Janna has a full time job in the firearms industry, is an all-around gun enthusiast and 2nd Amendment supporter. She continues to enjoy teaching defensive firearm and competitive shooting, especially to ladies.

Image: Janna Reeves