Greg Thompson

Greg Thompson

SOCP Instructor

Greg Thompson is the creator of SOCP (Special Operations Combatives Program). On March 23, 2010 SOCP became the first officially designated combatives program for all U.S. Army Special Operations Forces. ERB Codes: (SOCP I: BRT), (SOCP II: FBR) SOCP is now the standard program for fighting in kit. It has been adopted by all Special forces Groups, USAJFKSWCS, Rangers, Range 37 (advanced skills battalion), Air Force PJ / SERE and other Special Units. Greg is also training Federal and State Law Enforcement, FBI, ATF, Border Patrol and Special Contract Units.

After September 11, 2001, he was one of a small group of civilians asked to work as a Federal Defensive Tactics and Air Marshal hand-to-hand instructor in Artesia, New Mexico. In 2004 UFC legend Royce Gracie gave out his first Black Belts to Greg and four other students at Greg’s School. Greg had been training with Royce since the early 90’s. Greg also is a certified instructor Kru in Muay Thai with Black Belts in several other systems and is a MACP Level 4 Instructor. Greg has a Masters Degree in Industrial Design from North Carolina State University and has taken dozens of products to market. Most of his designs are for self-defense or to enhance combative training.

He has currently four patents; three on restraint systems and one on a self-defense device and is the author of H2H Combatives. His book illustrates MACP level 1-2, striking, clinching, weapon offense and defense, weapon transition and retention into and over objects. Greg’s other achievements are: 2003 NAGA World Champion Advanced Division, Triangle Grappling and Guererros Gauntlet Superfight Champion, 2000 Pan-Ams Silver Medalist, Gracie National 200-210 lbs. Champion.

Image: Greg Thompson