Amanda Lynn Mayhew

Outdoors, Hunting, Fitness Expert

In an incredibly short amount of time, Amanda Lynn has become one of the most popular faces of the outdoors. Her swift rise to celebrity status is the result of her determination, personal training, outdoors skills and energetic personality. She has proven her tireless work ethic as well as a strong devotion to her fan base through her projects such as Women of the Outdoors, Targeting the Huntress, Ontario Women’s Hunting Association and Fytness Fanatik the Magazine.

Amanda Lynn has also assisted in putting Manitouwadge, the small Northern Ontario, Canada town that she grew up in, on the map. Now residing in MidWestern Ontario,  Amanda Lynn has full access to the great outdoors with her favorite activities (including hunting, fishing, and off-road ATVs) in her own backyard.

See the many activities of this multi-talented 5.11 Tactical Ambassador, and our first Canadian ambassador, on her website, and watch for more updates on Amanda here on Tactical 360.

Image: Amanda Lynn Mayhew Image: Amanda Lynn Mayhew Image: Amanda Lynn Mayhew