5 questions with a SAR professional

We work with members of the military, police, fire and ems for our photo shoots. All our gear is designed based on feedback from those who serve their country and their community. For the Fall photo shoot we worked with Ivan R who is a member of the Utah SAR/Fire department. We sent him a few quick questions to learn a bit more about him:

Explain your role with SAR/Fire?
My primary role with Utah Task Force 1 Urban Search & Rescue is a Rescue Specialist. Which means I specialize in Heavy Vehicle Extrication, Water Rescue, Rope Rescue (high and low angle), Trench Rescue, Structural Collapse, and Confined Space. I am a Technician level in all disciplines. My secondary role is HazMat Tech.

What are 5 essentials you carry when you get the call to help some one in need?
My pack with medical equipment, knife, pen, protective wear, and my mind.

What are some important training tips you could share with those looking towards a career in SAR/Fire?
Stay in shape. Train like your and your partners lives depend on it (because it does) and alway be ready!

Favorite piece of 5.11 gear?
5.11 makes so many great and needful products it is to damn hard to choose one. However, that’s what you asked for. So, my ATAC 8 inch boots If your feet hurt, it makes your job that much more difficult. These are so comfortable.

What does Always Be Ready mean to you?

My job is stressful both physically and mentally. Physically we have all the equipment to carry, move, maneuver, or lift. Mentally, we have the whole medical aspect and psychological (when not dealing with traumatic injuries but also mental). For me, it is being able go to work and pass our training and testing standards at a 100% anytime asked. Whether its the swimming, running, ropes, low air blackout maze crawl, medical treatments and interventions and etc. Then having a hell of a lot left in the tank to deal with those real life situations that happen through a 48 hour shift at work.

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