5.11 Urban Casualty Response Collection

5.11 Tactical set out to create a solution for first responders and field medics that allowed them to deliver aid during Mass Casualty Incidents that include Active Shooter response.

The design for our UCR (Urban Casualty Response) collection was based on the The Hartford Consensus T.H.R.E.A.T Protocol. We worked closely with medics associated with tactical units and those who spent time in combat. T.H.R.E.A.T stands for Threat suppression, Hemorrhage control, Rapid Extraction to safety, Assessment by medical providers and Transport to definitive care. The UCR collection consists of 4 pieces: a sling pack, thigh rig, IFAK pouch and a litter for recovery of an injured person.

The UCR Sling Pack is an ambidextrous design that enables the wearer to bring the pack to their front and access the main compartment via a 300 degree zipper. From there you can pick and choose the necessary items from the highly organized internal pockets. The laser cut front panel allows for additional pouches to be attached.

The UCR Thigh Rig allows the user to have 2 blow kits and other first aid necessities as well as extra space for 2 AR sized mags that are at the ready.

Keeping an IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) in your vehicle is made easy with the UCR IFAK pouch. With the ability to attach to a headrest or any MOLLE web platform the IFAK is easily accessed if the need arrives. It can hold all the necessary items to treat a hemorrhage and other medical essentials.

Categorized in Gear, Guns Posted May 05, 2016