5.11 Operator Axe: Multiple Uses, 1 Bad Axe

We worked with Kyle Lamb of Viking Tactics to co-create our new Operator Axe. It’s based on an axe Kyle used while deployed in Iraq that he made some customizations to. He brought it in to our HQ one day, and the rest is history. With multiple built-in functions, we’re confident this axe has a place in your kit.

So what does this axe do? Here’s a short list:
1.    Bearded axe blade similar to that of a tomahawk
2.    Hammer point
3.    Pry bar
4.    Wrenches (metric and US standard)
5.    Sheet metal cutter
6.    1/4″ and 1/2″ bit driver

This highly anticipated “multitool redefined” is now available on our website and at select 5.11 retailers.

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