5.11 Loadout: COVRT Boxpack

Becky Yackley, Competitive Shooter and Photographer, shares her many uses for her COVRT Boxpack

Work EDC

When you need to have both your camera and your laptop for editing, the 5.11 COVRT Boxpack is a great solution!  Ranges can be dusty and wet,  and I want to keep my gear clean and dry, and the waterproof fabric and zippered pouches are the perfect answer.   The multiple, large, outer pockets also make it simple to access different lenses and storage drives.  The compartment at the bottom of the bag also leaves my charging cord handy when I  need to plug in and work.  Sturdy construction of the ballistic panel space also doubles as a great sleeve for my laptop, and the dimensions are generous enough to accommodate my huge screen.    I wasn’t sure about the roll top when I saw the bag online, and after using it, I realized that with a full bag it’s less trouble than a zipper, since nothing catches or strays into the path of the zipper.  Add that I can slide paperwork in next to the laptop, my concealed carry pistol is just a hand’s reach away, and I’m ready for whatever the day brings!

Loadout camera and laptop

-Nikon D7100 Camera
-2 Lenses
-Leupold Range Finder
-Charging cables
-Ruger pistol
-ZT Hinderer knife
-3 terabyte storage drives
-Camera charger
-Phone charger
-Small purse
-5.11 hat
5.11 Woman’s Glacier Half Zip
5.11 Range Raven Tight


Workout Bag

Have you ever tried to put a baguette in a grocery bag, and realized that short bags are not made for such things? Or tried to stow your yoga mat across the top of your gym bag, cramming it into and under handles only to have it slide out?  Well, you need to get this bag, because the COVRT Boxpack can handle your yoga mat, shoes, shampoo, makeup, purse, phone, a change of clothes, AND you can clip it shut around the mat and it won’t slide out.  The roll-top main compartment has a buckle that clips around the mat and holds it securely, so if you feel like riding your bike to the gym, nothing is going to slide out.


-Yoga mat
-Water bottle
-Ruger LCP pistol
-Cell phone
-Small purse
-Toiletry bag
-Running shoes
5.11 Women’s Glacier Half Zip

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